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The History Of Shirt Stays & Shirt Garter Bands

April 24, 2021

The History Of Shirt Stays & Shirt Garter Bands

Originating in the United States sometime in the 1800s the shirt garter or shirt stay has been used for centuries by men and women who like to keep their shirts tucked in perfect fashion all day. 

I like to imagine it was some low level military soldier after the Revolutionary War who kept getting yelled at for his shirt coming un-tucked. He then decided to stick it to the man, and created this device that would change the way we Tuck forever. 

These bands come in multiple styles including; Y-Style, Loop and Clip, Above Knee, and a few others that seem a bit weird to us. The most common being the Y-Style Shirt Stays with the fast plastic clips (click here to learn more about why we only use the stronger metal and stud clips). 

Not to brag, but we are going to brag, the TuckPerfect Perfect Tuck (say that 3 times fast) Shirt Stays come with a lifetime rubber guarantee (Just Pay Shipping). That is the entire reason TuckPerfect was created......Other brands charged a premium price, for lackluster goods, and terrible warranty. So we are here to help keep you looking Tucking Amazing!